About Me

Donna ThomsonI created this space to share the WHOLE of me, my life and my experiences, as I AM.

Travelling Australia, living in a tent, having children, choosing freedom, allowing soul in, dealing with human issues, being real with myself and being true to myself – these are all part of what makes me and my life unique. 

Many friends and others knew me a few years ago as the intuitive, the spiritual guide and the teacher. However, upon reflection, I was then under the assumption that other people needed ‘helping’ (a common theme in the New Age movement). I now know that everyone is exactly where they are because it is perfect for them at the time and serving their own enlightenment.

There were many layers (human limited beliefs, plans, assumptions and aspects) to release or integrate before coming to the point I am at today. Seemingly having done ‘nothing’ in the last few years, I have been perfectly serving my own enlightenment by allowing it all to just be

I’m now sharing my experiences and soul wisdom as I integrate my human and soul self into an experience that goes beyond the ‘normal’, mundane and limited.

In honouring my divine creator self, this space will be ever-changing, expanding and full of potentials. Who knows where this will take us, but for me it will be full of joy and expression of soul.

I invite you to connect with me (see the social links below for Facebook, Twitter etc), to share from your own soul and to simply enjoy this space in whatever way it serves you. 


P.S. Here are a few photos of our travelling family (the ‘Travelling Thomsons’) and our home on the road.