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Signs from the Universe…or Soul?

Signs from the Universe or Soul?

Today I shared on Facebook how I often get ‘synchronistic numbers’, like 11, 22 or 33 past the hour, or numbers in order like 12:34. Sometimes I get them a LOT. I used to attribute these to the universe giving me a thumbs up, reminding me that all is well. Continue reading

Let the Magic Begin

What a time to be alive! 

Here we are, no longer just a human living a standard life.

No…we know there is more.

We feel the soul - the essence of our true and infinite self. - Donna Thomson

For those who are ready and willing, now is the time to invite soul into the human experience full time. We are becoming embodied souls…divine humans – uniting for a grand experience full of potentials and for the joy of living a limitless life – to go beyond. Continue reading