The Ebb and Flow of Being

Lately each day seems to be a day of the in-breath followed by the out-breath the next day. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Allow yourself the freedom to ebb and flow.

What I mean by this is that I’ve observed a pattern, at least for the last few days. We’ve had alternating days of sunny followed by cloudy and cold, then beautiful and sunny again.

Being in tune with our energy (I say ‘our’ to include my family), on these sunny winter mornings we are more likely to emerge from our camper trailer tent (our home) and bask in the sun, drinking our morning coffee while letting the sun’s warmth energise us. We’ll usually venture out somewhere to enjoy the day.

We feel more eager, expansive and even creative on these days.

On the cold and cloudy days we might hardly emerge from the tent, staying rugged up in bed, reading, watching movies on the laptop, or using our devices.

We feel slowed-down, introverted, quiet and do very little.

Allowing the natural ebb and flow

The freedom of living a lifestyle without ‘must dos’ like going off to work means we can tune in to the natural ebb and flow.

In this winter period the sun is energising us which even helps us tap into our creative flow – we feel much more connected and expressive. However, on dark, cold days (even though theoretically there’s nothing to stop us doing creative things like inspired writing, art and so on) our energy turns inward and we’re prompted to just *be*.

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Allow time for integration

Does it really mean you aren’t doing anything? I know from experience that during these down-times, we can actually be integrating a lot of energies. By being in a state of allowing, you assist your whole being to take a deep breath and come into balance, integrate new and deeper energies, and release old energies that no longer serve you.

When you are always doing, even just mentally, you don’t get the necessary down-time that helps you maintain your balance…your centre.

Are you sensitive to energies?

All of us in the family have been experiencing the effects of amplified energy lately. We can sense a lot going on energetically ‘in the ethers’ even though we can’t define it. I’ve been experiencing high frequencies in my ears and my husband commented to the same yesterday. Then one of my daughters said that she gets that all the time too. This always happens when things are ‘ramped up’.

I also notice a shorter fuse, especially with the kids, but in my husband and I too. It’s a reaction to the amplified energies – it feels like agitation. The good thing about being aware of it is that it’s easier to allow it and not buy into it as your actual emotions. With the kids, I’m able to diffuse their agitation AND not take it personally. It definitely shows up strongest in our youngest (6) who has zero patience and tolerance for just about anything, even a sidewards glance from her older sisters.

Nurture and honour yourself

The point is that we are in times where so much is going on, much more than we are physically and mentally aware of. It’s important to allow yourself the freedom to ebb and flow without getting into the mind about what you think you ‘should’ be doing.

Allowing yourself to just be, to watch movies, to read or even to sleep is nurturing yourself. It is honouring what your whole self (mind, body, spirit) needs and you don’t need a reason. Just feel into the desire to ‘not do’ and flow with that.

Being is like breathing

We never stay on the in-breath forever, just as we cannot stay on the out-breath indefinitely.

Ebb and flow can happen within a single day, perhaps several times. It could also be over a longer period of inactivity and solitude followed by feeling expansive, active and creative.

It isn’t something to control or force.

It is simply something to be aware of and flow with.

– – – – – – – –


Having originally written this several days ago (before posting), today I can feel the subtle creative, expressive energy flowing through me again after a few days of just living the days without any particular creative, connected flow. The underlying message here is to not worry and try to ‘fix’ a lack of inspiration, connection and creativity. It will just get you into your mind and waste the opportunity to allow pure and simple be-ing.

We truly do need to go with the ebb and flow in trust and acceptance. You’re never doing anything ‘wrong’ and there are no judgements on what be-ing looks like for you, I or anyone else. 

So let’s all just go with the flow…

– – – – – – – –

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