Living By Choice – Choosing A Grand & Abundant Life

We used to live in a low socio-economic area that didn’t have the best reputation. While it’s easy to paint whole areas with the same brush, reputation aside, the area does have a ‘survival’ energy when I feel into it now. It feels like a ‘trapped’ energy where people go through the motions and even though they do the best they can, they’re not ‘living’.

But it’s not really about the place. It’s about how one chooses to live.

What Life Are You Creating? Choose A Grand, Abundant Life.

What is lacking in so many places (like the one we used to live in) is a feeling of thriving, of creativity, of adventure, and of LIFE.

You could assume it’s due to the lack of money but it’s so much more than that. At the deepest core I feel it’s more about self-worth, self-value and the patterns we grow up in. Humans are so quick to continue the same path as those they know (family, ancestors, society), who walked before them. To do otherwise means to go beyond.

To go beyond what is known is one of the scariest things for a human.

In order to truly live, the human self must be ready and willing to question and release all assumptions, all patterns, all history, all identities and all beliefs about self, life, value and creation (what is possible).

When we let go of everything, we step into the void that feels like nothingness.

However, from nothingness, NEW is birthed.

From the ashes we create something pure (in union with our soul essence). A grand life is born if we allow it. Click To Tweet

Having personally stepped outside of the old – the old place, the old structures, the old beliefs, the old identities and all of the old ways of being (surviving) in the world – I now feel the NEW being birthed.

I feel grand potentials for LIVING.

What seemed to the human as still needing to ‘fix’ abundance issues really has little meaning or relevance to the soul. The human self sees money as the bridge to more freedom and potentials and while this seems true and accurate, I have just become aware of the ‘more’ that I was not seeing until now.

I’ve been feeling into a new place – one where we can pause our travel lifestyle and explore new potentials not available to us while travelling full time. And yet, there are many potentials to continue exploring, travelling and camping from that ‘base’ location. Nothing is sacrificed, only enhanced!

As I have explored the area I’m drawn to, it has become clear that the whole area has an energy of truly living, thriving, experiencing, beauty, creation, enjoyment… It’s a place of lifestyle – of local wine, cheese, chocatiers and other locally-grown produce. It’s a place of conscious creation, appreciation and joy in life…coming from choosing life.

I realised that the whole feeling of living and engaging consciously in such a place, with all of the wonderful potentials available, feels decadent, luxurious and like choosing LIFE that is so beyond the energy of being in survival.

I also realised that I no longer care about HOW the money comes in because it is the choice of how to live that is key, and the money will flow to support that. Even working feels so expansive when it supports living in a grand, abundant way – a CHOSEN life.

The energy shift within me creates the sense of abundance, not the money. Click To Tweet

It’s so interesting to not care how money will come, even if it’s through human actions (work) and systems. It feels so irrelevant to the soul self who is choosing a richness of life, richness of experiences and potentials, and richness even in the quality of food and drink.

It feels so masterly.

It feels like freedom. 

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