Signs from the Universe…or Soul?

Signs from the Universe or Soul?

Today I shared on Facebook how I often get ‘synchronistic numbers’, like 11, 22 or 33 past the hour, or numbers in order like 12:34. Sometimes I get them a LOT. I used to attribute these to the universe giving me a thumbs up, reminding me that all is well.

Often life seems everyday-human and yet those numbers appear and remind me that even when things appear to be ‘nothing special’, so much is going on behind the scenes. Much of the time when nothing appears to be happening, we are in a period of integration.

Moving from Awakening into Mastery

The point of this post is not so much the numbers, it is how we attribute so much to the universe when we go through our awakening process. There is a progression from what you might call the ‘new age’ first stage of awakening (exploring the idea that there is much more to life and to you as a human) into mastery or embodied enlightenment – into going beyond.

Those number synchronicities that reminded me ‘all is well’ were originally perceived as a sign from the universe, perhaps even guides or angels. However, this doesn’t sit well with me now. When we are ready to integrate the whole of our mastery, we realise that those guides and angels…that universe, are really our divine presence…the culmination of who we are, beyond the human here and now.

Signs from Soul

Now I know that I am the creator of my experience, my universe. My soul self is the one reminding me that all is well with those numbers, or maybe a feather, a curious bird, or other sign. Signs are an individual thing. Perhaps it’s a word or a particular song for you?

As I am writing this, a willy wagtail has shown up again, wiggling around playfully in front of me. This little bird came out of nowhere yesterday and made me take notice. Each time I watched it, as it flitted close by, I got tingles. We’ve been camped in this spot for 3 weeks without willy wagtails around. Signs like this pull me into the present. 

It may be overkill, but my tablet is now showing me 11:22 on the clock…no joke.

I am never looking for these signs in the moment. They always take me by surprise. I don’t put much emphasis on them other than being a little reminder and connection to soul.

The synchronicities that have popped up while writing this feel playful, like a confirmation that when you take notice, there are many potential moments to give ourselves a high-five and remind our human of the ‘more’ that exists beyond our limited human perception. 

No Longer a Victim

Life can be playful when you open up your awareness to the ‘more’ that is all around us. For me, going beyond has meant letting go of the belief that the universe controls what happens in my life, and therefore I take responsibility for my creations.

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Creating Consciously 

When we are truly ready to step into our mastery we realise that the universe (energy) serves us. It is benign (without its own intention or consciousness) and is waiting for us to consciously work with that energy to create what we want in our lives. If we wait for the universe to bring things we want into our lives, with no ownership of those creations, we will wait a long time.

This is just one of the many ways I feel we are ready to move beyond in our experience on Earth. As the human, it’s up to us to invite the soul into our experience – to play together as the divine human, in a new way that isn’t constrained by our limited human awareness and beliefs.

Wishing you amazing adventures as you choose to go beyond in your own life.

Do you also experience signs or synchronicities? I’d love to hear about your signs in the comments below or on Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “Signs from the Universe…or Soul?

  1. Erik Istrup

    Dear, Donna. I could have written this post myself! Going from hints coming from the Universe to be coming from I AM, is an important step in the realization.

    1. Donna Thomson Post author

      I’m glad you resonate with it Erik. It’s something that has become clear when reflecting on how I used to see things compared to now.

  2. Tina de Burca

    Thank you for sharing Donna ! Yes it is a big step it is great to celebrate it. I noticed that my nervous system was very much ” attached ” to people around me , then I shifted to feeling myself more and now I’m extending it into all that I am, beyond the human and I feel more connected and aware ( at times ). For example today i was working in a garden and getting on with jobs and suddenly I felt like the trees was looking at me or I was aware of the tree and the energy around it . It is so nice to notice it and be in that moment …then normal human life goes on and then another moment of remembering, connecting….

    1. Donna Thomson Post author

      Hi Tina, your comment was hiding in my spam folder so I apologise for the delay in approving it. I totally relate to the continual expansion…continually going beyond and opening up. ❤


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