A Note from Soul to Human About Manifestion and Creation

Creation comes from within - from the swirling vortex of creative potentials.

As I feel into a dream I want to manifest in my life, I become aware of a sneaky mindset that will always keep that dream as a dream, not reality.

When I see the thing I want in my life I see it as something I don’t have. The feeling is one of being separate from it and having to find a way to allow that thing to manifest in my physical reality.

Therein lies the illusion.

Who am I attributing this creation to when I see it as something outside of me?

The human self is giving away power by forgetting its mastery and infinite nature. I am my creations. They are a part of me. Life is not done to me. I am not subject to a judgmental Universe, God (or whatever name you want to give to a force or being that is external to your own God-self).

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The Folly of the Mind

My human self was starting to play that old game with itself. It was recognising something awesome that would be a grand creation to play with. However, the mind was seeing it as ‘out there’, having to work out ways to ‘make it happen’.

With no obvious ways to currently ‘make it happen’, it remains a human dream far off in the distance.

Soul then comes in to remind ‘human self’ that the old ways are no longer relevant.

Going Beyond the Mind

As a master creator the grandest thing I can do is come into my trust, feeling into the joy of my potential creations… truly knowing that anything is possible. And so it is.

The human mind is full of contradictions to this trust, screaming “but how?” and piping in with the supposed ‘reality’ bullshit. The mind knows only what it can see as evidence or what it thinks it can plan for.

It doesn’t know true creation.

It doesn’t know trust.

It doesn’t even know (let alone understand) soul.

The human and her mind are lost when it comes to creation and manifestation.

Note from Soul…

Dear, dear Human,

You must step back and allow soul to be fully present. You must now be willing to go way beyond all that you’ve known in order to become All That You Are.

Trust is the greatest thing being asked of you right now and when you think about it you water it down. You must simply feel, be, sense… breathe.

Where we are going, in terms of creation, being, living and mastery, is so far beyond what the human can perceive. She (soul) just wants you to get out of your own way… breathe… trust… breathe… get out of your own way again …rinse and repeat.

There are grand things ahead for you. Please don’t worry about them. Please don’t feel that the life you desire is unachievable. You came here to go well beyond the ‘improved human life’.

It is time for the master, the soul, to begin walking in your human shoes, if you’d just allow her to lead the way. She wants you to know that it is not as complex as your human mind sees it. The beauty is in simplicity. You know this – the Heart knows this.

So breathe, allow and be, beyond limited ideas of manifestation. You will be the expression of your grandness in all its beauty and your creations will be flowing from you, and to you, in brilliance.

As much as ‘mind’ wants to make sense, rationalise and explore what is possible, it simply cannot. Sorry (not sorry) dear mind. We’re on a ride beyond your comprehension, so take a back seat, sit back and relax.

Here we go…

No Other Option

I could have also appropriately titled this post “101 Ways the Human Stays Small: Part 1”.

When you’ve opened up to going beyond the small, limited human self, life becomes very interesting. As your self-awareness increases you will ‘bust’ yourself playing the old limited human games before you get too far along. Staying small is no longer an option. We might not know what ‘new’ looks like and that is okay. Keep breathing and trusting, dear human. Soul’s got this.

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