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Living By Choice – Choosing A Grand & Abundant Life

We used to live in a low socio-economic area that didn’t have the best reputation. While it’s easy to paint whole areas with the same brush, reputation aside, the area does have a ‘survival’ energy when I feel into it now. It feels like a ‘trapped’ energy where people go through the motions and even though they do the best they can, they’re not ‘living’.

But it’s not really about the place. It’s about how one chooses to live.

What Life Are You Creating? Choose A Grand, Abundant Life.

What is lacking in so many places (like the one we used to live in) is a feeling of thriving, of creativity, of adventure, and of LIFE.
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The Ebb and Flow of Being

Lately each day seems to be a day of the in-breath followed by the out-breath the next day. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Allow yourself the freedom to ebb and flow.

What I mean by this is that I’ve observed a pattern, at least for the last few days. We’ve had alternating days of sunny followed by cloudy and cold, then beautiful and sunny again.

Being in tune with our energy (I say ‘our’ to include my family), on these sunny winter mornings we are more likely to emerge from our camper trailer tent (our home) and bask in the sun, drinking our morning coffee while letting the sun’s warmth energise us. We’ll usually venture out somewhere to enjoy the day.

We feel more eager, expansive and even creative on these days.

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