True Freedom Comes From Within

True freedom comes from within, when you allow it.

Freedom…true freedom…comes from within you.

AND there are choices you can make in your life to support your freedom.

Choices you make in your physical life can represent your commitment to your freedom.

I, along with my husband and children committed to our freedom when we sold our home and belongings to live a nomadic life.

We stepped into freedom by allowing ourselves to explore all the potentials for even deeper freedom in each day and moment.

We now choose where we travel to next, how long we stay in a place, which direction we go and when, and basically what we do from one day to the next. Stripped of the usual human restrictions like mortgage, debt and jobs, we opened up to a life of conscious creation.

However, the mind can still play games that appear to limit your freedom. Money, health, weather…anything can become a limitation that impinges on your perceived freedom.

You truly set yourself free when you have the awareness and realisation that any sense of limitation (lack of freedom) comes from the mind.

You are only as limited as you believe you are. You are only as free as you allow yourself to be. Click To Tweet

Yes, you can make lifestyle choices – to live a ‘freedom lifestyle’ – yet these choices are not freedom itself.

Many people are choosing freedom – from jobs, from relationships, by choosing to travel, and by choosing to do things that bring joy instead of ticking the boxes of ‘societal norms’.

Choosing freedom is awesome, yet there’s often a let-down when the feeling of freedom doesn’t automatically follow the life changes.

Only YOU can allow yourself true freedom. It involves becoming aware of and releasing your limiting beliefs, expectations and aspects that do not support self-love, acceptance, worthiness or knowing your grandness as a soul-filled human being.

Freedom comes from within.

Make the grand and bold choices that open your life to more freedom but realise that those choices don’t bring a complete freedom until you allow it to emerge within you…by going beyond your human limitations, allowing your mastery and self-love to bring you the true freedom and joy that you seek. 

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